The role of tgf-beta

The cytokine human transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) plays an important role in key pathways such as cell proliferation, cell differentiation, immune response and tissue modeling. Because TGF-β is chronically elevated in many diseases, including ophthalmic and fibrotic diseases and cancer, and involved in their pathophysiologies, it is an extremely versatile drug target throughout the body.


Akhurst R., Bogdahn U., Buijs J., Busse A., Connolly E., ten Dijke P., Goumans M.-J., Guise T., Hau P., Hilbig A., Hinck A., Ikushima H., Jachimczak P., Jaschinski F., Juarez P., Keilholz U., Lee W.-C., Ling L., Lonning S., Mannick J., McPherson J., van Meeteren L., Miyazono K., O’Connor-McCourt M., Oettle H., Rothhammer T., Schlaier J., Schlingensiepen K.-H., Schneider A., Seitz C.

Hot topic: TGF-β as target in oncology

Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Volume 12, Number 12 Hot topic: TGF-β as target in oncology